Evans Trawick, Owner

A Southeastern NC native, Evans has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He has been voted one of the areas Top 10 Chef's twice in his career and with the help of great people he has seen CFSC become the areas premier seafood restaurant group. He has transitioned out of the kitchens and into the role of CEO handling of the company's operational and planning needs. Still in the restaurants daily he oversees the constant quality control systems being followed by the Chefs and managers at CFSC.

Along with his wife, Nikki Trawick, they founded CFSC in 2008 and struggled as did many businesses during a very trying time in our country. This struggle, however, gave the couple the wherewithal to overcome any challenge thrown their way and allowed them to grow CFSC despite the strong headwinds of a weak economy. Today they enjoy their two children and what little time they can find to be together as a family in today's rat race world.